welcome Shandong Haihua!

Enterprise Culture

Long-term objective: Construct the largest and most competitive chemical industry base integrated with petrochemical and salt chemical industry in the northern market of China National Offshore Oil Corporation.

Short-term objective: To make Haihua a safe, high-efficiency and harmonious Group.

HSE objective: To make improvement in full scale in three years.

Administrative organs objective: To be the model of management innovation, to be the pioneer of reform and developments.

Sales hotline

  • Soda ash:0536-5329970/5329904
  • bromine:0536-5338389
  • calcium chloride:0536-5329412
  • sodium nitrate:0536-8118591
  • Coke:0632-4412047
  • Coal tar:0632-4412047
  • Methanol:0632-4412047
  • PVC:0536-5322907

Brand products